Tier System

Hi everyone,

I am currently TL0 or TL1 (I do not know where to find my trust level on the forum) but I have completed everything mentioned in the article above to be at TL2. Can anyone help me identify my Tier level and help me figure out how to advance Tiers as I would like to be able to post on the Features category.



See where is says basic? That’s your TL. You are TL1.

To advance TL, be contributing and active. That’s all we can say.

You are currently TL1 (Basic). You can find that in your profile.

To advance tiers, just continue to contribute to the community. The requirements for the IFC are different from the link you posted above.


Thanks so much! That really helps:

See where is says basic? That’s your TL. You are TL1.

The IFC has different requirements. Those are the default Discourse ones.


No one really knows what goes into advancing Trust Levels. What we know is that regular contribution leads to be promoted.

As explained in the post above, the IFC requirements are different from the discourse defaults and are not published on purpose to prevent abuse. Just stay active and you will rank up.