Tier Level locked?

Hey IFC I’m all for discussion but here’s a question, mostly for mods because I’m wondering. How do you get TL locked, and how do you know if you are. I was demoted to down from regular a long time ago and I’m wondering how to get it back. I would like to have it back only after I work to get it back but I’m wondering how? If a mod could also tell me if I’m TL locked that would be great.

Whether you are TL locked or not, it doesn’t matter as Regulars are no longer promoted automatically. They are now manually promoted.

See here for more info:


Alright thanks for the info, I’m gonna go look at that.

I’m not sure that they are allowed to reveal that information. Also this should be in #meta

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I thought you that could be disclosed privately, because someone j know who is now long gone was told but oh well.

Privately it may be disclosed. I recommend shooting a PM to @moderators if you are wondering about something of that nature.

Well according to @TheAviationGallery It doesn’t matter because they only manually promote instead of letting discourse do it.


Yes. I am aware. Sorry for being unclear, all I meant to say was to shoot the moderators a PM if you are wondering about something like that. (: Have a good day!

Have a good day too, we all make mistakes it’s fine.

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