tidex ATC Tracking thread (CLOSED)

Open at KATL now on Training server ground and tower.

Traffic isnt looking half bad right now, enjoy your shift!

Already been fun lol. Runway changes happen and grade 2s think they can’t take off from the original runway I assigned them…

Gotta close up for now, wife says it’s time for me to do something productive lol

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open at ATL Ground and Tower on TS until my wife says i have to go to bed :p (which is soon bc we fly Zurich-Dusseldorf-JFK at 9am tomorrow lol)

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I just spawned at KATL on TS and a Caleb 29 was controlling there. Is that you?

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Nope was not. I was just stupid and forgot to edit my thread once I closed.

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open Ground and Tower at KATL again

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