tidex - ATC Tracking thread [CLOSED]

Hello all, figured I can do some controlling on TS1 while I have some free time.

open right now at KBHM for around an hour or so

edit: now closed.

going to open up in 15 minutes on TS1, any suggestions for where?

now open ground/tower for at least an hour at KATL

Hello there, I am on my way there! So see you in about 2 mins.

I will be in the C208 Caravan.

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sorry I messed up lol, want to change runways?

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That doesn’t matter, Could I taxi to R27L instead?

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you got it… something something 20 characters


Thank you very much for your ATC service:

What you did well in:

  1. Your pattern work was alright {Tip}- I would just say Cleared for the option when I turn onto the downwind otherwise you would sequence me onto the left downwind if there were someone else in the pattern.

  2. The groundwork was done well even though we had that slight hiccup.

  3. The runway changes were one of your strongest points out of today’s session.

What you need to improve on:

  1. Yor sequencing timings

  2. This is not a major thing but on my second takeoff traffic, you told me to ‘make left traffic’ again which is not necessary to do. This is because you have told me to make left traffic already.

_I Hope this helps you become a better controller,

Happy flying,


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Thanks! I’m just starting to learn about controlling so these things are helpful. Come out next time and let me know if I’ve improved!

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Just give me a Dm and I will hopefully come down. I am in the mist of my GCSE’s atm so don’t expect me to come every time. =D

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Thanks everyone who came out, had a nice flurry of activity for a bit there! Gonna hop off for a bit now, probably will open up elsewhere later on today.

You might want to say that you are closed in your title! =D

whoooops. I typed it out but never hit save

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Open now at KLGA on TS1

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Sorry, I forgot to put the gear down

I know :p Got a screencap of it haha

training server woe is me…

You’ll have to p.m. it to me XD
It happens to the best of us!!

You did great controlling and successfully fixed your pattern work from the other guys reference above about not saying left traffic each time. I couldn’t find any issues so good job!

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