TiCo Warbird Airshow Spotting 2019

Hello guys, 1 and a half years ago I visited one of the greatest Warbird airshows in the state of Florida. This was the TiCo Airshow in Titusville, FL. The site of this airshow was the Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX) and it is only 10 miles away from NASA’s famed Kennedy Space Center. This airshow features a wide variety of both military and civilian aircraft ranging from the World War 1 era Sopwith Camel all the way to the more modern T-33 Shooting Star, with a plethora of different aircraft in between. I had just bought my camera and was testing it out and was unaware of the battery life. This is why I was only able to capture two photos before it died. Anyways, this was the first time I had EVER spotted so please take that into consideration when viewing these pictures. The reason for the long delay in posting these is that I simply lost interest in spotting after this, however, I have reignited my interest during quarantine so you can expect some more photography!

B-25J Mitchell "Panchito"

The B-25J Mitchell was a widley used medium bomber introduced in 1941. It became a very important plane for the United States during World War 2 and it is a common legacy aircraft to this day. This particular aircraft was named after a feisty Mexican rooster that was featured in a popular theatrical work during the time. This aircraft mainly served in the Pacific Theatre (Japan)

Boeing Stearman Biplane (Model-75)

This aircraft was introduced in the 1930s and 1940s by Boeing as a trainer aircraft during the inter-war period and World War 2. After the war, the Biplane style of building aircraft quickly fell out of popularity and these planes turned into crop-dusters and aerobatic planes like the one pictured. The plane pictured typically does aerial tours of the Tampa Bay Area.

I would like to thank @AndrewWu for helping me rekindle my lost interest of aircraft photography and this topic is the start of many! I hope you enjoyed and maybe even learned a little.
Please do not use any of the photos above with out my permission.


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