Ticking Sound while Playing

Device: iPhone 12
Operating system: iOS 17

Sometimes, whenever I play the game, I get this ticking sound. It usually occurs when I do something-like taxi, takeoff, accelerate-not when I’m flying transoceanic or cruising with the camera pointed down. It happens in other games too*. On very rare occasions, the game crashes.

On my much stronger iPad, this doesn’t happen-mostly. I (extremely rarely) get this slower, clicking sound that lasts for just a few moments before going away. This applies to the other games I mentioned for my iPhone too-the other games don’t do the loud ticking Infinite Flight does (I have experienced the ticking in one other game that had a lot of data as well), instead they do the clicking my iPad does.

I know the clicking isn’t on my device only, because I know people who have it too, across many games. It seems to be a device problem.

The ticking, however, is more serious as it lasts a long time (sometimes the whole flight) and has resulted in app crashes before. I want to know if this ticking has something to do with the clicking (and also if it is a problem only my iPhone has).

This is an odd one for sure. Is the ticking sound there when you use ear buds or air pods? Does this sound go away if you unplug your charger?

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The ticking is loud and comes from the device itself (if I connect headphones it still comes from the phone). I also have seen the ticking happen with and without a charger, so I don’t think there is a correlation.

There is quite a lot of info on this ticking problem on iPhones in general so it’s likely not related to IF. From a “quick and dirty” AI search (after seeing all the chatter about it):

Based on the information I found, it seems that the issue of iPhones making random clicking or ticking sounds is not uncommon, with several users reporting similar problems on various online platforms1234. However, it’s challenging to provide an exact frequency of these problems as it can vary based on the specific iPhone model, the operating system version, and individual usage patterns.

As for the causes, from most frequent to least, here are some potential reasons:

  1. Haptics: The clicking sound could be related to the haptic feedback on the iPhone. This is a feature that provides tactile responses, like vibrations or sounds, to certain actions like swiping or typing1.
  2. Faulty Speaker: The speaker inside the iPhone has components that can become loose or damaged over time, causing vibration noises like a ticking sound5.
  3. Broken Power Button: If the power button is damaged or sticking, it could cause a repetitive ticking or clicking noise as it gets pressed down inside the phone5.
  4. Loose Internal Parts: Components inside the iPhone that have become loose, like the camera or logic board, can rattle against the case causing a ticking sound5.
  5. Bad Battery: If the battery has become dislodged or damaged internally, movements from expanding/contracting of the battery cells can make a ticking noise5.
  6. Interference from Case: Some iPhone cases, especially metal or magnetic ones, can cause interference that sounds like repetitive ticking5.
  7. Software Issues: An outmoded operating system may give rise to the problem6.
  8. Factory Defects: Your iPhone may have some defects when it leaves the factory6.

Please note that these are potential causes and the actual cause can vary for different users. If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s recommended to seek professional help or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

I don’t think the problem originates from the 8 reasons you mentioned, however, after digging deeper myself, I do believe the problem originates from the phone itself (not 100% sure, haven’t concluded yet).

Thank you for the response @adit, I will do some further investigating, and will update the topic over the next few days as I learn more about the issue.

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Ok, thank you. I hope you are able to resolve your problem.

Those 8 reasons were a direct AI response to my question to collect some of the info I read separately. I agree most of them are kind of “AI trying to look good” perhaps, but the links provide the background (of varying reliability).

Searching myself before though, the “Haptics” issue seemed to be mentioned a lot.

I don’t have ChatGPT, so I can’t check from my side, but the haptics issue seems unlikely. Unlike other games, a lot of times the action in Infinite Flight happens a few moments after direct input (the time it take for autopilot to kick in). Since the ticking originates from some sort of overload (like a lot of action happening at once) I wouldn’t think the sound comes from direct human input.

The links in the list above are direct resource links so you don’t need ChatGPT to view those (just clicking will do it).

Some are apple support customer dialogs with lots of users talking about the same problem (but not necessarily with your exact phone model).

The Haptics issue often discussed was the Haptics system causing some kind of random noise without human touch.

But it’s not clear that is the issue in each individual case of course. Some of the discussions went back and forth speculating on hardware vs a software issue.

In some cases Apple replaced the phone, in other cases people had it been resolved with a system update.

Each separate Apple representative approached, it seems, had few or no previous cases when they were presented a phone with the clicking (it was claimed). But there are enough cases overall that, collectively it’s obviously an issue.

Not everyone had the problem resolved. That’s summarizing what I remember reading.

Thanks for doing the research, @adit