Tibletan plateau, also known as the roof of the world

The tibletan plateau has an average elevation of 4,500 m or about 14,800 feet. It is considered to be the highest plateau in the world hence the nickname the roof of the world. It has a total area of over 2,500,000 km². The Mount Everest can be found on the southern part of this vast plateau.

Barely any plane flies over this plateau. The area is literally five times larger than France.
Over the period of the Second World War over 594 planes got lost in the mountains never to be seen again making the loss rate of planes flying over the region as high as 50%. (A clearly unacceptable loss rate for any of aviation company).
One of the main reasons why international airlines do not fly over the plateau is that despite being able to fly over the region at altitudes over 30,000 feet, airlines protocol states that during cabin depressurisation and engine failure,the plane must descend at 10,000 feet which is not possible since the average elevation is 14,000 feet.

If you would like to try a local flights in the region the two local airports in the region are Lhasa gonggar and Xining Caojiabao.
The flights are as follow:
Lhasa Gonggar to Kathmandu

Xinning Caojiabao to Taipei, Tokyo and Kuala Lampur.

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This is indeed true!! The views from top are mesmerizing but at the same time can be fatal if you run out of luck…
I flew twice on top of Mount Everest in IF (coz there is failure simulation) and it was breathtaking & turbulent too. I guess turbulence is also one of the key factors for the commercial flight ban in the airspace.

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You are indeed right

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You know what, I completely forgot about this region. I’m already flying south there (well Delhi but you get it) and surely I’ll check the flight you mentioned above.

Isn’t one of the longest runway in the world located there?

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I don’t know much about the ranking of the worlds longest runways but I’ll look it up


5000m of pure asphalt (or whatever it is made of) North of Nepal on Chinese grounds

Shigatse Peace Airport

Nice topic I actually flown to Daocheng (which is the highest airport in China) from Chengdu

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