Thursday Spotting Palm Beach Intl Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida ( KPBI )

I haven’t done much with this airport despite it being my home airport, mainly because it’s aircraft are let’s just say much BORING than the planes typically serving MIA or even FLL here is more domestic flights but with a few international flights but today I didn’t feel like going to school so I decided to come out to PBI and do some spotting and we did get a decent variety. Wonder how FLL will play 🤔 but anyways let’s get to the spots!

First off I gotta say, the weather ISN’T pretty right now, very cloudy, rainy and WINDY I don’t know if I’m in South Florida 🏝️🍊 or in London 🇬🇧☕️ but anyways, here is a JetBlue Airbus A320 vacating the runway after its flight from White Plains a route I flew back in July. HPN is definitely a nice airport to fly into and out of!

Nice to see an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 especially since next Friday im flying on one down to Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 but this B738 didn’t come from CLO, rather Chicago ORD.

Now this is the ONLY international airline of the day, Air Canada with their Airbus A220-300 service form Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 wonder what they thought when they landed into a cloudy PBI when they expected sunshine.

All small airports tend to have the same thing in common,

The busiest route is always to Atlanta, GA!

And this Delta Airbus A321 is heading up to ATL just one of the MANY daily PBI → ATL flights!

Now this is an airline I definitely want to try some day, Breeze Airways Embrear E190 vacating RWY 10L after its flight from Charleston, SC a city I’d like to visit soon, maybe I’ll just go there on Breeze!

An airline I don’t see often but when I do, I’m happy! Here is a Sun Country Boeing 737-800 heading up to @Mort city! Yes I’m talking about Minneapolis, MN.

2 JetBlue’s? Yes JB is in fact the biggest airline here at PBI, here they go to their biggest base and their home airport, New York JFK! 🗽🍎

Now the pilots of this Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 had some trouble with their landing after their flight from Trenton, NJ. Told you these winds are bad! 😬

I’ve only flown them once but I don’t mind doing it again someday! Southwest Airlines 💛💙❤️ with their Boeing 737-800 heading up the east coast to Islip!

Wrapping things up with the missing member of the big 3! United Airlines on ANOTHER Boeing 737-800 heading once again to the NYC 🗽🍎 area but they are heading to Newark, NJ rather than JFK or LGA as that’s UAs primary airport for the area. Hope you enjoyed this spotting session at PBI! Stay tuned for tomorrow as I skip school again and spot down in Fort Lauderdale 🏝️🛥️ before going down to Miami 🏝️😎 Saturday hopefully the weather is much better tomorrow as and always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Very nice photos.

I like this one especially


I gotta agree as well, the sun country livery really stand out!


Yes, yes it does.


Lovely pics!

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