Hello and welcome to my 2nd post of the day! I want to do another group flight but this time actually get people to fly with me! All the information will be below for the flight today!

Leg 1 Information: OH5389 (JIA5389) PSA Airlines Flight Tracking and History 04-Nov-2021 (KCLT-KMYR) - FlightAware
Leg 2 Information: NK350 (NKS350) Spirit Flight Tracking and History 04-Nov-2021 (KMYR-KACY) - FlightAware
Server: Expert
Time: 3:30 PM PDT
Please note that we are not using the same routes as the real life flights. I will create a route and give an altitude that we all should fly at for each leg. Altitude will not update for Leg 2 until Leg 1 is done. Please let me know if you are joining so I can assign you guys a gate. Please do not park at the gates that are on the flightaware links.
Also if there are any IFATC members reading this could you please be ATC at these airports that we will be flying between today. I like tag the IFATC members just let me know if your interested of doing it!

Leg 1 Altitude and Speeds: Altitude: FL210 Speed: 280kts


Cool I will join thia

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Perfect! Thank you for joining the event! When we depart could you please park at gate E13 and when we arrive you could park at any gate but gate A1. Thank you and see you soon!

Ok thanks :)

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What kind of plane am I using

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To KMYR we will be using a American CRJ-900 and if you want to continue to KACY we will be using a Spirit A320!

Nice I like the skittles livery

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Just spawned in

When do you wanna push I’m all ready?

Can I join real quick

Sure park at gate E17

Roger that

Also I’m streaming this on my YouTube channel if u wanna see this from my perspective !

Rodger that!

Altitude 15000 right

Yes its making me add 10 chacrcters!

It did that with me also

Ima taxi to the runway

Ok I’m going to 36R

Oh I’ll go there then

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