Thursday Flight

Where is everybody going tomorrow? Singapore Seoul or??? I’m just curious because I want to know where to fly into.

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You can check the arrivals page in the menu for infinite flight. It gives a number of inbound flights for those airports.

FedEx: Guangzhou (ZGGG), Osaka (RJBB), Seoul (RKSI), Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD), Singapore (WSSS)
UPS: Hong Kong (VHHH), Kuala Lumpur (WMKK), Shenzhen Bao’an (ZGSZ), Tapei (RCTP)
Featured Theme: Fedex & UPS in Asia

Here are the featured airports, you can check for more information.

You made the same post yesterday. look at the arrival page on the Infinite Flight App

I know that

If you know that why did you make this post.


Your answer is there. The higher number signifys more people going to that airport. :)

I just want to know the major airport people are going to fly into

That’s why there’s an arrivals page to see who’s going where.

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To be honest with you VHHH will get the most then comes Singapore, Seoul and then the others

That’s not proven that’s an opinion on what you think will get the most traffic. For all we know right now, Singapore can be number one. Region change occurs in like 12 hours. It’s still very early. :)

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I just wanna know like where I should fly to where the most amount of people would be.

@DJevon_Paxton it’s a little bit of a gamble, but you can try to make an educated guess using methods that other members have said previously.

Both of them will be busy for sure. So you can chose which one, both will have traffic trust me :)

What I usually do is fly into the biggest airport. Ex: the hubs are Wuhan and Seoul. I would fly into Seoul because it’s a bigger airport

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