Thursday afternoon discussion

Hey guys hope everyone is doing good on this Thursday afternoon. I noticed that the community was pretty active today and I thought I would make a post to encourage some more conversation.

What does everyone think about passenger supersonic flight in the next decade? Obviously the aviation industry has started this decade off pretty rough but what do you think will be the greatest advancements especially in passenger Aviation throughout the next 10 years?

I watched a great mini-documentary last night from Airplane Productions, a great YouTube channel that I suggest you check out, on the Aerion AS2. While I saw a feature request for this aircraft, I did not see any general discussion on it in the community. Do you think this will be allowed to become a reality?

On one-hand it is a feat of great innovation but on the other hand it has a shorter range than most business Jets do today and the whole issue with the sonic boom may cause controversy. I would love to know your thoughts and get a great conversation going because let’s face it, there is not much more to do in these days of Quarantine.




i don’t think supersonic will be back until someone figures out how to make it very efficient

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Let us have fun >:)

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Well actually the engines that they using on this aircraft if I’m not mistaken or the same they use on the A320. They just have higher higher bypass ratio though by adding a second gear or something like that. I’m not an engineer haha. for Business Jet it’s fuel efficiency isn’t all that bad actually.

I wish, I read an article the other day saying that there was a group back in 2017 who had raised enough money to restore a Concord and have honorary flights for it but their aim was for this to happen in 2019 and that date came and went without them saying anything

nah bro we’re talking about 787 or a350 level efficient. What’s the purpose of supersonic if it cannot go far

It can go fast, and that’s what passengers want.

(At least most of them)

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True, obviously stopping to fuel takes away the purpose of saving time but for example flying from Los Angeles to Singapore it would only have to refuel one time. And if they refueled efficiently they could still get there before any other private jet would

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While I think it would be cool, I think that supersonic flight uses just too much fuel to be viable again. Aircraft like the 787 and A350 have been extremely successful for their efficient fuel consumption, which is something that all airlines are aware of and concerned with. In addition, widespread supersonic flight would have some pretty disastrous environmental impacts.

Isn’t there a group of people currently developing a new supersonic passenger jet? I believe it’s called Boom?

I haven’t heard of it but if you can find information link it below and we can talk about it

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Here it is:

There are a couple other companies like them I believe, but this looks the most promising. Their first model has been delayed quite a few times though…


no as monumental of a plane the concord was and the legacy it has left, the environmental impacts and the price was just not worth keeping it. if we can find a more fuel efficient supersonic plane than yes build that

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