My last topic titled "Take Me to the Danger Zone" fooled a lot into thinking it was related to some F-16 combat or F-18 air shows. This one is exactly that. My A-10 mission in the northwestern state of Idaho. And the sweet sound of that General Electric TF34.

Lets start our training mission in Mountain Home Air Force Base located southeast of Boise. The sunrise is just coming up on this Friday Morning and Typhoon 99 is ready to roll.

Parked and ready to go with Engine One spooling up.

Heading out of Boise with the Tactical Takeoff style and the glowing wing lights.

Cruising at 6000 feet MSL, cruising over Boise Gowen International Airport.

Aerial Combat training as an F-16 , callsign Lightning McQueen, trails Typhoon 99.

The green backlit as I turn for the lights.

I appreciate everyone’s support on these past few topics! I will be posting lots more #screenshots-and-videos topics over the coming days and weeks! Have a great weekend everybody!


Cool photos! Don’t usually see these military aircraft being used.

There are so many things cool about this.

I was just listening to Thunderstruck.
I love the lighting in all the photos.
I love the cockpit in the last one.

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AC/DC is the best 😎 Im a classic rock fan myself. Sunrise Lighting is always my favorite!

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That’s epic my man.

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the 3rd pic…
its so badass

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