THUNDERSTORM at London Heathrow | EGLL Plane Spotting Video

Yes this is good an all, but as far as I remember you aren’t allowed to do any of this. Long ago someone posted a picture of a plane in rain and they removed it because there was rain (not currently in the game).

Another example is when someone added taxi lights/logo lights, also got removed (not currently in the game).

Unless they changed the rules without updating the topic this is what the “About screenshots and video category - updated” says:

Updated February 2020 - No photoshops or edits that introduce new features are permitted

What does this mean?

  • No additional features can be introduced into a shot. This includes, but is not limited to, rain, snow, non-IF aircraft, or liveries

You have added rain, ATC noise, and aircraft sounds, so idk 🤷‍♂️

Keep it up though, these are quality edits 👍 , we shall see how long it last on the community. I think it may be fine if you post it on YouTube.

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Had no idea about it! Although in the description in YouTube I mention that rain effects are not part of the app. I hope this makes the situation better

And I am very grateful for your services! Both LSZH and EGLL were very busy! Did an amazing job 🙏 the Emirates A380 landings is one of my favourites as well and probably the smoothest A380 landing I’ve seen in the server so far

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@SWAviator @TheGynSpotter @Collins4486 Thank you guys for the amazing feedback 🙏🙏


i might’ve been parked at the game most of the time filing my flight plan but at least i was in it! i’ll be sure to depart next time and i will be in the next one hopefully! amazing video!

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Please make more of these videos, this was amazing to watch and you did a fantastic job!

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Hello everyone! New Spotting schedule is online

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Truely amazing! You really did a great job here.

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Had to come here again to see this absolutely lit masterpiece 🔥 ⚡️

New schedule is online everyone!