Thunderbolt's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Thunderbolt35’s ATC Tracking Thread

About Me

Hello, my name is Matthew, commonly known here by Thunderbolt, Thunder, or TB35. I am an aspiring pilot and wish to continue practicing my ATC skills. I have passed the IFATC written test, and at the moment am practicing for the practical test.


You will rarely see me controlling on weekdays due to my very busy schedule involving school and other activities. However, I fly and control a lot on the weekends, so that is when you will see me most often.

Request List

I take airport requests. You may request up to 2 airports in the queue at a time.

There is currently no queue, add your favorite airport today!

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Status: Closed


can i come

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Sure, I want to see you break planes again and again.

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Sorry I don’t have much time so I’ll make it quick. I was Spirit wings. Btw you didn’t see that last landing 😂. First of all when I requested a T&G from my transition you told me to enter left downwind. There was terrain I would have flown into if I had flown further than 2/3 of the length of the ILS cone. So right downwind would have been the better choice there. So just be aware of the terrain around you. And you told me to turn left and cross runway 20L. First of all there was no reason for me to have to turn left. Unless the right turn is a long way away from me or there’s traffic on the right or there’s no taxiway on the right it is my discretion. Also I did not need to cross 20L anyway so that was unnecessary. But honestly overall you did great. I was trying to get a G/A going but the guy infront left 😭 But it’s the pilots fault if he is too close to the aircraft infront and you have to tell him to go around. But you did great 👍 nice to see some more people joining us!!!

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That was my fault, I thought you were stopping earlier.

I should know this considering this is my home airport lol

Sorry, I become a bit distracted.

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No that’s not what I meant 😂 I meant I nearly crashed so I was just a bit embarrassed about it 😂

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Coming now

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Oh, you almost did a @anon41771314. Gotcha.


I’m 652PA want left traffic

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There’s dangerous terrain, right traffic only.

This is also a real-world procedure.

No that’s not true. Flown GA out of there multiple times and terrain is far from there and it’s left traffic 20L. (I Also left)

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Alright, if you want left traffic you can have left traffic. I am not responsible for any @anon41771314 type events though.

Well that’s just how I’ve seen KSNA run. As it is my home airport, I have seen it multiple times happen in the past. Also, @Ryan_Gibb mentioned the terrain earlier in the session.

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Thank you all for coming!

Don’t forget Change the title;)

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Open @ KSSC

Practical is tomorrow!

Pattern work allowed.

Runways 22L and 22R in use.

Will be open for 30 minutes.


Dang, sorry bud… caught you right at 30 minutes.

My flight’s about to land actually, but I considered coming over for some patterns.

Good luck on your practical! I can’t wait to see you controlling the Infinite skies!

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I’m actually still open.

Ooh. After I land, I’ll come over.


Thank you to @LeonardIF18 and @anon41771314 for coming out!

I’ll be open tomorrow morning!

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