Thunderbolt35's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello guys, I’m practicing my ATC so I could possibly become part of IFATC in the future. Come out and fly with me!

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I will be opening in around 20 minutes. Any recommendations as to where I should go?

My own opinion…

I’d recommend grabbing a few buddies and having them fly at your desired airport. I’d try to stay away from any overcrowded Bravos like LAX or EGLL.

I’m OPEN at London Heathrow Tower. Come by!

Closed at London Heathrow. Might be moving.

I’m open at Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM). Doing ground and tower.

**Opening in Singapore SOON! Come by and fly around,

I’ll come i guess.

Doing tower at KLAX now.

I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very busy and there are several trolls

Ok. Where should I go then?

I’ve moved to San Diego.

Maybe PHNL

Alright. I’ll try that.

OPEN at ** Honolulu!**

Hi are you still available at Honolulu I’ll come over 👍🏽😁

Open at VHHH (ground and tower) please come by!

I have joined forces with @Captain_Merka and will being Departure and Approach

oh shoot I just closed to ask to come wrok with you.

What we doing?