Thunderbolt35's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED WRITTEN]

Thunderbolt35’s ATC Tracking Thread

Hello everyone, currently training to become IFATC in the future, please come join me as I control around the world!

Status: Closed
Duration: N/A

Where should I open next? You tell me!

Next Airports

Update 11/29
I passed the IFATC written exam! Now preparing for the practical, so please come and help me practice!


Open for another 45 minutes in San Jose. Come fly patterns, do weird stuff, etc.

Landing and Takeoffs on 30L and 30R. Pattern work is appreciated.

This one is for you @BigBert10

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@BigBert10 go do some patterns for this man

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@Thunderbolt Thank you for opening San Jose! 😃

@Altaria55 Unfortunately I’m at dinner right now 😔

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Anytime, anything for you @BigBert10

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I knew @BigBert10 would be one of the first to reply. I’ll stop by in a min.

Do CYYZ next please

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Sorry, not tonight.

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@Starz I will do that airport whenever I open this thread again.

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still going on?

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Yessir, I will be open for 20 more minutes at the minimum

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sweet. Im gonna do some pattern work for a bit

Anything specific you would like to practice?

No, not really

What in the world @Starz

Seriously, VSCOGIRL

And I Oop…

sksksksk sorry I crashed I dropped my hydroflask and had to pick it up but then I dropped my phone.

True story though

Whoa when when @starz VSCO

I will see if I can swing by in the future!

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Thanks everyone for coming!

Feedback is requested from all that came.

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Opening at CYYZ for @Starz

Will be open from 21:45-22:45Z

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nice. thanks

Open in Toronto!

Pattern work allowed.

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