A little background to the photos: Every year the Thunderbirds fly over the Falcon Stadium for the Air Force Academy graduation located in Colorado Springs, CO. I’m lucky enough to live right there so every year we get to see the show! Anyways, the Thunderbirds flew in yesterday and I was able to get some shots of them on the ground along with other military aircraft. These were taken at Peterson Air Force Base which is located right next to Colorado Springs airport. Also, I apologize for the quality as they were taken with my phone and from pretty far away.

This is the first shot I got of them all lined up, you can also see a C-130 on the right hand side.

Here’s another shot along with two A-10s on the left side

This C-17 taxied right in front of us which was cool!

And one last shot of the Thunderbirds with the C-130 and C-17 from earlier

Anyways, thanks for viewing and I should be posting another topic later this week with photos and videos from the flyover!


The beast of the C17 🥹


Cool photos.

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Nice! I actually just saw them perform at the Jones Beach air show recently and I plan to make a YT video on it!

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Nice photos. I saw them perform at Huntington Beach a few months ago!


Oh, you were there?


I sure was lol. What a show it was

Awesome, it was a heck of a show!

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Yea it was it was everything we needed

After last years slow pace 😅

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I also saw them at the jones beach show! I was on a boat with my family watching, not on the shore. I also saw them along with blue angels over NYC for the 2020 thanks for frontline workers!

Same as my friend, he was boating out with his friend for the coast guard.

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Awesome pics!

#6 setting up for the rejoin over the airfield.

C-17 and F-16, match made in heaven haha 😂
Love the photos.

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I’m not from the us so I have a bias towards the red arrows, but the t-birds are cool!

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