Thunderbirds! Thunderbird 2

A bit more of a wacky feature, but without haste, an aircraft famous among all decent Britons:


Uhh… I don’t know what to say about this one.


Well… All I got to say for this is that it’s very… very… unique.


What do expect from a frog that’s sits behind a TV screen too much? Hehe.


I think frogs got advanced technology and built this. What is this aircraft used for.

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I have to give this a like for the sheer comedy value, Thunderbirds are go!

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It’s a fictional vehicle. This means It would be hard to get the physics and other elements to have it on IF.

i loved thunderbirds i had all the tracy island playlets and some dolls as well as big toys of each thunderbird, i am definitely supporting this, I dont believe it will come anytime soon not for any particular reason though… 😂

This would be amazing to see and it is a transport plane

looks like you


$!@*&% with the 777, we need this now.

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I’m sorry, I’m not touching this ❤️ button 💔 😒😑😯 Once again, how about we focus on real aircraft?

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It’s not April fools day buddy. 😜

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This could only be used in free flight since it has a minimum speed of 5000 mph -lol


Bumping this due to the fact I watched this show again recently and thought ‘we need this in IF…just for fun…

Also, a fun fact about the show, in the first episode a thunderbirds plane takes off from ‘Heathrow’ and within minutes it was at 200,000ft and cruising at like Mach 6.

I wanted to cringe but anyway,

This would be cool to see in IF, and would definitely create some hilarious moments on Casual Server!

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Ah. Thanks Benny!