Thunderbirds! Pt. 2

A little bit ago I posted a topic featuring the Thunderbirds on the ground after one of their practice sessions before the Air Force Academy Graduation Flyover. So, a couple days ago we went to go watch the flyover and got some pictures! Once again, I apologize for the quality as these were all taken from my phone.

All 6 jets in the Delta Formation

Once again in the Delta Formation but with Pikes Peak in the background!

This is when they flew directly over us

Performing the Delta Roll

This is them passing over us once again but in the Delta Formation

Performing the Echelon Pass

The two solos broke apart and here’s one of them that flew by

Performing the Delta Burst

And finally four of the birds in the Diamond Formation

Anyways, that’s all and thanks for viewing!


That first picture looks amazing. It’s almost as if the silhouettes are flying into the storm.

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Thanks! It’s the only one I decided to edit and I like how it turned out!

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My aunt and uncle spotted them too, if you saw 2 little boys it’s possible that they are my cousins

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That first photo is magical. 🫡🙌

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Cool! I did actually see two little boys but there were a bunch of kids there so who knows 🤷‍♂️

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