Thunder’s ATC Tracking Thread - PLEASE CLOSE

Awesome. Landing and departing 33s ;)

The yellow runways can be used too, just a bit of crosswind so most big aircrafts should go there.

I’m reviewing the approach charts for cyyz, hold on

I know. You can give any arrivals their preffered runway. Departing 33R is closer to the terminals. But ill handle anything. Doesnt matter to me. Get’err done!

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The only thing you have to do is stay at 3000 over YTZ because of the CN tower. There is nothing else to hit over than that! I actually work this airspace in real life :)

I am checking the waypoints in the approach chart so I am going to join as an airplane for a bit to check those out to offer the best experience.

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Yeah it says the LOC height is at 3000ft

You should depart off CYOO or whatever you like :)

I would join you as CYYZ is a great choice, but I’ll be busy for an hour or so ☹

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My bad, I had to do something, im coming now in an airplane to check the WP then going to Radar

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No sweat! Next time!

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Sounds good ill be here for another 45 mins i think.

Tell the departing plane to contact me

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Delta 743 wants pattern. I think thats what they want. We will seee

Nvm this is too boring imma just fly patterns

Lol i know! Its always dead here!!

Imma fly some patterns then get a bigger aircraft and do a departure and transition but if it is really dead, when im inbound tell me if my laggy landing was smooth 😂😉

Sure sounds good !!

Little breezy in the cockpit with the door open eh? Any plans to jump out too?