Thunder’s ATC Tracking Thread - PLEASE CLOSE

In the process of joining IFATC
Pattern work welcomed
Feedback welcomed

Will most likely be at CYYZ most of the time. Trying to increase traffic in the Great White North.


When you go live again, I will be sure to join!

Are you still there?

Will be back in 15mins or so.

Ok ill join

Im open now

Back at CYYZ if youre still around :)

Still open! Til at least 0415Z


Really good. Flawless controlling so thanks for that!! One minor thing is you told me to contact ground even though you already did before when I exited the runway and was still not fully clear of crossing runway so didn’t tune into ground just yet

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Hey thanks! Yes i realised that it was already in the instruction when i clicked on it! Thanks for the feedback!

Also thanks for requesting runway change! That was cool!

Thanks for the circuits! Overall it was really well done. Not surprising considering your profession 😉. All the clearances were given properly and in a timely manner! Only advice would be, if a small aircraft or an aircraft without pushback capability requests pushback, just tell them to taxi instead. Also, if someone requests frequency change after you tell them to taxi to xx runway, the instruction also included to switch to tower when ready. There is a duplicate frequency change button for that scenario in misc.!

Other than that you handled the go around and multiple runway changes nicely with good sequencing, entries and clearances!

Hope to see you in IFATC soon!

Thanks a lot! Yes although im a not good at VFR tower control since im an IFR centre guy (looking forward to doing dep/appr on expert, thats my bread and butter lol). Yes i definitely need to be more detailed oriented on aircrafts that obviously cant pushback. Dont know if youve seen my PM. but FSEV? You were former seneca?

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What traffic? All I see are blinking data tags on your scope. :P

Haha its been dead tonight! Although thanks to Kryzlot and Aaron for showing up ! Lol one day ill get YYZ the traffic it deserves. Although im looking forward to working some real traffic saturday night (although im on mids…where traffic is virtually non existent) LOL


No I haven’t seen your PM! Maybe it was sent to the wrong person? I sent you a PM though. But wasn’t sure if you would notice that haha! Just starting my last year at Seneca and my flying on FDTS.

Hahaha ! Guess what 134.25 THATS ME!

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Oh geez I didn’t even realize ur profession 😂😂 that’s so cool and hopefully you will be doing app and dep ASAP on expert


Now OPEN at CYYZ til 1545Z
Departing and Landing 33L 33R

Everyone and anyone professional enough welcome!

I’m handling APPR/DEPT

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