Thunder Over Louisville 2016 Pictures

This list of airplanes will all be at Thunder Over Louisville 2016! Tell me if you want a picture of any of them!
A-10 (4) ✅
AH-1Cobra & UH1 Huey
Bill Leff
Billy Werth
C2 Greyhound
Canadian C/F 18 (2)
Canadian CT-142
Canadian CT-155
Canadian Harvards
Carbon Cub
Cliff Robinson Stearman
Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Demo
E2C Hawkeye
F-18 Tac Demo
Kate Kyer Pitts
KY ANG C-130✅
KY Army Guard UH-60
Lee Leet Super Tucano
Lima Lima
Matt Younkin
Nick Coleman T-Craft
P51/PT17 Tuskegee Airmen Salute✅
Red Star
Trojan Horsemen T-28 (6)
U.S. Navy Leap Frogs
UPS 767✅
List from [their website] (
✅= Being Photographed!


These two please!

The A-10 please.

The UPS 767 please.

Can you please?

I’m going there!!!

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This one please!

To thunder?!

Yes, I am going

I’m going to PM you about some stuff, as I don’t want to say some here (locations, etc)

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Last call for picture requests!

I’m on my way to take pics too…

Today? It’s crap weather at the outlet malls! Are they practicing yet?

No I’m still in West Virginia

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Cool! What planes you fly? Which one will you be?


  • Wow those F-18’s were loud!
  • One performer in a biplane stalled several times and did low passes over the river!
  • The fireworks were the bomb, literally!
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