Thunder Birds flyovers in CO for all

Hello everyone,

Didn’t see anything on this on the IFC, so thought I’d share. With AF Academy graduation and recent world events the team did statewide flyovers this past week. I got to enjoy the KBFK flyover portion. Inspiring.

Maybe we can recreate this flight on IF sometime. Enjoy. 😀


Someone already made a topic with the route, might be best to put it there…

But that’s a sweet view…


Can you link it? I searched but didn’t see the topic

If so, I’ll do that 👍

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You did. LOL



Hello Mods, can you please close? Moving post to prior existing topic.

Thank you!

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@DeerCrusher, think it’s time to take this one behind the barn?

We’ll see if he still remembers that 🤪

(For anyone trying to read into it, it’s not bad, get your head out of the gutter 😂)

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😂 had me laughing.

Can’t wait to recreate the flight on IF

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Twas cool seeing them. Was able to watch them myself from the neighborhood I live in. 🙃