Thumbnail Hunting™ with nativetojapan

So, as we all know, we’re in the midst of the 21.1 Open Beta which means the actual release is hot on it’s heels. As per usual I joined the beta, reported and reproduced whatever bugs I could find, then started working on my cinematic trailer, as per usual.

Like all videos, there needs to be a thumbnail. My other videos’ thumbnails are, in retrospect, kinda bland with the only components being text and gradients galore. So, for this one, I decided to take the new ANA 777-300ER out to do some thumbnail hunting™.

Steps to thumbnail hunting™:

  • Take an aircraft
  • Fly around
  • Go back to the replay file and try to get a (decent) screenshot

Easy enough.

Here’s the original screenshot:

And here’s the thumbnail I created from aforementioned screenshot:

Did I forget to warn you I pulled an XboxAhoy with the font?

slice of ham for the wild minimods

Route: none
Server: solo
Aircraft: if you’re not blind i don’t need to tell you this part
Hotel: Trivago


yOu DiDnT pRoViDe yOuR fLiGhT tImE

tRiVaGo iS nOt A hOtEl, ItS a WeBsItE

tHeRe ArE bLiNd PeOpLe ReAdInG tHiS

Just kidding, great photo. I actually really like the format of text (maybe switch the blue to orange tho, a little too much “USA” for me lol)


Thanks and thanks :)

I can mess around with the gradient and send you a revised version in [redacted] if you’d like.

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Yeah, thatd be awesome. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

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if you don't get it

“it will be done, my lord” said commander cody of the 212th regiment, as he was about to blast jedi master obi-wan kenobi to kingdom-come

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That Is Super Not Ridiculous


Anyway great work!!
Wait, did you TM it?

By the way I can see why Native to Japan 😉

Side note, how many languages do you speak?
You are native to a LOT of places.

lmao the best part 🤣

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it’s a joke, the only one that isn’t is alaska