Thrustmaster TCA sidestick compatibility

Hi guys, please can anyone confirm that the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick will work with infinite flight via an OTG lightning adapter on my Iphone X that is updated to iOS 14.

If so, can anybody recommend a Lightning > USB OTG Adapter that is under £10 please. Seen a few on eBay but they say that it doesn’t work with devices that consume over 100ma of power and i cant seem to find out how much power this Joystick consumes. Also some adapters only work with devices that are updated to a certain iOS such as iOS 10.2, 12.0, etc.

I apologise if i have gotten anything wrong but i would appreciate a reply ASAP. Thanks!

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but from my knowledge IF on IOS doesn’t recognize joysticks connected by Lighting/USB-C, no matter which one you choose

Hi @Pilot131! Welcome to The Infinite Flight Community and congratulations on your first post. For further information regarding a Joystick for use with IF, I would refer to:

I hope this helps 😀


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