Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition

does anyone know if the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition works in Infinite Fllight?
And does it works at the same time with the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition?
Best wishes

Assuming your already planning to go through Live Flight connect or I believe there is also a second new option I see no reason why not, other TM products work just fine.

so i can connect the joystick and the thrust lever and both work so i can basically connect 2 devices with liveflight connect with infiniteflight?

LiveFlight Connect is an unstable app… It may work but will sometimes surprise you and ruin your long haul just because it decided to freeze on final😮🤷‍♂️… The other app is having connectivity issues so it’s useless… I’m still using LiveFlight Connect but without a full comfort…

does the thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition work in InfiniteFlight?

Wondering the same… Has anyone tested it yet?

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