Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Edition- Facts and Questions

Map Connect and LiveFlight Connect are unstable apps and to be honest they’re unreliable… They may disconnect just before touchdown and could ruin your entire experience… The bad news are that they’re not going to be updated nor supported… I regretted that I bought a joystick for IF…

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I have this joystick it’s great. But I don’t recommend it to play only Infinite Flight but to play a pc simulator, it would be like putting your money out the window otherwise…

I don’t have much issues at all with the joystick, works great and to me it works better then in MFS2020. To help mitigate the liveflight disconnect, I only use it during critical stages of flight, I close it out during cruise. If I notice that the connection get choppy a quick on/off of my devices WiFi and closing and opening Liveflight usually does the trick.

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LOOOOOL, i have test and on MFS2020 is better FSX already💀 IF there latence

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Not the quadrant though. The quadrant isn’t supported by FS2020, even though it apparently is. There are alignments issues, which I can confirm

Does anyone of you guys know when the add-on is comming back cause I can’t find a webshop where they have the add-on

Hello welcome to the community!! I am not sure if there was any infor released on add-on’s getting released as i have heard nothing about it sorry!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share 2 addition feedback:

  1. I purchased the Thrustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrant.
    I tried to connect it using LiveFlight Connect but it wasn’t successful.
    I tried doing so while having the TCA Sidestick connected and also alone (without the Sidestick).
    The throttle Quadrant was detected by my computer (PC) and sensors where working (used an online tool to verify).
    But unable to have LiveFlight Connect identify it.
    I’m not a software guy so not saying it’s impossible. Just saying that I wasn’t able to make it work using standard methods.
    I’ll therefore return it.
    Also it really doesn’t feel as professional/ realistic as the Sidestick; so I’m not too disappointed about it not connecting.

  2. I got a new iPad, and had trouble connecting the Sidestick.
    But I found that if you go in your wifi network settings and deactivate the “Private address” option, it works flawlessly.
    So if any of you have connection issues, this may work for you.
    Also, a strong and sustainable Wi-Fi is recommended to avoid occasional drops in Sidestick’s sensitivity or lags.

I hope this helps and also hope that this functionality will be integrated as part of the simulator itself as the use of the joystick SIGNIFICANTLY increases the flight experience (like, by a LOT).

Same hopes and reasons for functionalities currently offered by In-Flight Assistant.
I believe it will help reducing processing power vs running multiple apps simultaneously.
(And I would personally be ok with these being in-app purchases vs free since it will require some Dev time).

Happy flying folks !

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I ordered mine a few days ago :)

My Xbox controller wasn’t working well with the sim. (MFS)

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I do. See my earlier comments on that matter. I hope it’ll help.

It seems that the sensitivity selection in the main IF menu doesn’t make much difference, if any.

However the sensitivity adjustments in the control menu works really well and allows for easy hand flying.

With that said, each plane seems to have different sensitivity profile - which may not be ideal for sims but definitely is realistic.
So you may want to adjust sensitivity anytime you change plane.

I use lower sensitivity settings for single aisles planes and higher sensitivity for heavy planes.

For heavies, my rudder sensitivity is around 50%. Pitch and roll are around 20%.
I also have a couple % NULL ZONE for pitch and roll; and about 5-8% for rudder (yaw).

Finally, all buttons work perfectly fine with me.

I hope this helps.