Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Edition- Facts and Questions

That looks amazing! I am definitely hoping to use this with X-Plane if i get them. (Pls do not flag me for saying something about xplane lol)

What I love about the throttles, is that they are weighted. They do not feel like cheap plastic toys you will find in a grocery store. They feel legitimate.

Also, I love how you can separate each throttle quadrant. Meaning you can apply more thrust on one engine to make turn easier. (Wich if IF did, it would add so much more realism to the game.)

Thrust-master really does make amazing products for flight simulations. I also really would find it interesting if Honeycombe did something like that. Especially because everyone like their yoke that they made.

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Thanks so much for all the insights, great work!

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Unfortunately, when plugging the joystick into my Mac the computer does not recognize or list the device. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

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Did you download the LiveFlight connect App @Rocco?

Thrustmaster Airbus TCA Throttle Quadrant’s release date has been pushed back:

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do you think you can use the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant in Infinite flight?

Yes, thankfully it does work with IF, as a user has bought it and has users it above.

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do the engine master switches also work on the quadrant?

Since the release of that has been delayed we do not know the answer to that at the moment.

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ok, so it is worth booking this in advance

I would say, hold off on the purchase and wait till someone tries it out with IF, or if someone already has a throttle quadrant you should ask them first

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will the thrustmaster tca quadrant work in infinite flight?

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^^^ that’s for the joystick but we don’t know about anything else working.


Is this thread for the sidestick in general or just IF?

Q2 (If answer to Q1 = yes)

Is the sidestick compatible with XBox series X?

Thanks a bunch!


This thread is for the general awareness of the TCA series. We know the side stick works with IF but we aren’t too sure about other quadrants.


Not sure

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Anyone manage to test it out?

Well, it’s supposed to be released Oct 22 (2 days from now):

Question is - how will it connect to your phone? I assume you nee some sort of USB splitter (one for the charge, one for yostick, one for the quadrant)…

Anyone plans on getting this and reviewing?

I’d presume you’d use a laptop/computer using map flight or LiveFlight connect.

Yes you need a computer to connect the joystick

So, both the joystick and the quadrant are connected to the computer (via LiveFlightConnect)? How about a USB Splitter, has anyone tried that?