Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Edition- Facts and Questions

Hi guys,
The new thrustmaster TCA airbus edition sidestick is something to look out for. With its realistic design and compatibility with a lot of sims, the TCA airbus edition might take over. With thrustmaster taking pre-orders right now, the sidestick is set for release on 2020-06-25T06:00:00Z with the rest of the throttle quadrant coming 2020-09-24T06:00:00Z. Later after the throttle and sidestick have had their release, add ons such as the flaps and brakes controls. Thrustmaster has not set an official release date for the add on items, but it is expected to be around early 2021 or late 2020.

Official pricing has also been released:

  • TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition: June 25, 2020 (£64.99 / $69.99 / €69.99)
  • TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition: September 24, 2020 (£89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99)
  • TCA Quadrant Add-On Airbus Edition: to be confirmed later this year
  • TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition: September 24, 2020 (£149.99 / $159.99 / €159.99)
  • TM Flying Clamp: September 24, 2020 (£54.99 / $69.99 / €59.99)

The new sidestick also comes with some newer features such as, First officer and Captain mode, where you are able to just unscrew twist and re screw. The sidestick will also come with the ability to have the built in throttle so users can save some money. So far thrustmaster has said that the sidestick and add ons are compatable with Xplane and Microsoft flight sim

With thrustmasters high attention to detail, Airbus fans and pilots will definitely be one of the first ones to get it.


  • Will this work for IF (Including the add ons) ?
  • Is live flight able to take more than one thing to connect to IF? ( Example, the sidestick plus the throttle and flap quadrant)

Here is a review video and the promotional video plus Jeff doing some touch and goes:



Great thread! In my opinion it is a good price for a basically scale replica of the real deal. Personally I dont own a pc capable of running a flight sim like that but I think that it is an absolutely amazing product. If it worked with liveflight I would buy it


yea i dont either, thats why i wanna know if it will work for IF

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Unfortunately I don’t believe Devs have early access (though could be wrong) so they would not be able to test it or make it compatible… It looks like a beautiful joystick though! Amazing thread!
Happy Flying,
Cign :D

Buy at your own risk, as of yet not certified by IF publicly.


This stick is something appealing to look for… It’s appearance looks great and realistic… Hope it’s performance is the same… Wish it works for IF which I don’t think it does…


I really hope in the future that Live flight or IF can test it to see if it can be compatible. But IF doesn’t support Live Flight so live flight would be the main thing that makes or breaks this


I actually found out about that set yesterday while I was browsing for a joystick.
This A320 pack looks absolutely amazing.
After evening this brand’s options, I’m fairly confident this one will be compatible with IF.
My only concern is about the LiveFlight connect program which I understand isn’t supported anymore. Many pilots in my VA use joysticks and I also found out many who don’t are interested in getting one; so I hope using one will still be possible moving forward.
I ended up getting the X joystick since it showed reasonable price and decent reviews over the IFC, other pilots from my VA and online. I want to check if I stick to the use of a joystick or not first.

I hope that they will bring the officer pack below $125 though at some point and that they will add some wide bodies pack (B777, B787, A350)


I don’t use LiveFlight myself but, The joystick should be fine is goes around and around like all other ones do. If throttles are compatible with the old LiveFlight it should be fine, However the buttons are the tricky bit if you plug it in then use the Commands it may work, But if not key bind them with ThrustMaster software and try that.

Its interesting the release and leaves a lot of questions to be answered however someone will get their hands on it and let us know how to do it on release. I think its going to be trial and error with this but I’d like to think we’ll stay optimistic for the release

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I am wondering if this will work with a USBC to USB adapter

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Just noticed that there is an “Engine 1&2 / 3&4” switch at the bottom of the front side of the Thrustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrant. (See picture attached)

This actually allows to add an extra Throttle Quadrant for flights using 4-engine planes.
Pretty neat…

Also noticed that the stick alone has a Built-in thrust reverser mechanism which means you can enjoy that feature until the Throttle Quadrant becomes available in SEP.
I hope it’ll be a feature we can then change for other functions like the trim for example.

I’ve also added a few Higher quality pictures I found online.



My mouth is watering. I would love to have this for my IF PC setup!


Guys the Airbus joystick will be delivered tomorrow. I‘ll let you know how it works, and if it does.

Have being using the HOTAS X for a few days now; still adjusting but overall loving it.


OMG yes please, hopefully it will work!

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I have the joystick, and use it for IF! I absolutely love it, and the way it feels in my hand.

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It will work. :)

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OMG really!!! Through live flight?

yup! it works like a charm!

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i will have to see about purchasing that, but i want to know if the Throttle quadrant will work also

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I have one, and it should work

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That’s great to know! So it works in a conventional way by LiveFlight Connect, doesn’t it?

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