Thrustmaster T-flight Hotas X

Does any of you guys use this joystick to control games? How does it feel? Is it good or bad? Are the buttons placed correctly and are all axises calibrated I.e?

You don’t have to be using it for IF, just the overall feel and features of it.

I already know Cameron’s opinion although it would be nice with some more people giving their and your opinions :)

Have only tried Logitech and Saitek :)

Which ones? How do they feel?

Even though these are probably different, I have the ThrustMaster HOTAS warthog flight stick. I couldn’t get it to work properly, I think it’s defective and I am sending it back. I’m getting a new one and hopefully that will work better. Even though I couldn’t hook it up it feels amazing, very sturdy and well built.

I got the throttle too which works fine, so many features and buttons to play with 😄

And the throttle worked?

At least it’s thrustmaster, the same brand ;)

Yes I hooked the throttle up with X-Plane and it worked fine. I just hope the joystick works because it’s amazing.

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Saitek Aviator and Logitech g940 :)

You could take a look at this one :) Extreme 3D Pro Joystick - Logitech Gaming Great Britain

I know that one as well. Although I am in love with the throttle.

Nice :O Untitled Document

I love that one, although not sure if it’s working with Mac…

It does :) saw it hehe :)