Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X Configuration

I just got the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X.


I’m still figuring out what the best configuration is, button wise.
Does anyone have advice?

This is what I have at the moment!



Ik heb die ook gehaald bij de media markt in Arnhem


I have that exact same joystick/throttle! I just left it the way it came but I haven’t tried to configure it yet. I recommend having the buttons on the side of the throttle be the flaps up/down and maybe the gear. You also might want the trigger on the joystick to be the breaks.

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I have the big button the back as Gear and the big lever sort of thing on the back of the throttle to control the rudder.And flaps up and down using L1 and L3.


What would be better that or the thrustmatser warthog

Your choice really it looks like the warthog already has labelled buttons which is good for flight simulators.

I added a picture of the configuration I’m using at the moment.

I use similar controls to the ones you’ve set up :)

I may actually get that and get te warthog next

Nice to hear you are Dutch too, but please keep posts in English. This is a worldwide community
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