Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X - Button Setup

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I have just bought a Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS system, and I’m a trifle stuck as to what to assign each button to.
There are 12 (I think?) buttons that can be assigned. I’ve made a general quick setup so I could get flying straight away, but no thought went into it. Here’s a diagram:(credit cybercapri, Imgur)

Any help with ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Note: please don’t try and advertise other sticks/HOTAS systems here, because I’m quite happy with this so far

Thanks for any help, always greatly appreciated! :)


Diagram hasnt uploaded; personally id recommend one for gear, one for brakes, one for A/P disconnect and a few for lights/seatbelts?

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Rgr, fixed the diagram now, thanks for the ideas :)

I have one, and my general setup is:

  1. Unassigned
  2. A/P
  3. Unassigned
  4. Gear
  5. Flaps step up
  6. Flaps step down
  7. Spoilers toggle
  8. Unassigned
  9. Reverse thrust
  10. Brakes
  11. Pushback

I think that’s all i have for now, lights/seatbelts etc are there somewhere too, but they’re not as important so to speak.


If you search here you will find a thread started that has a suggested map.
I have the same unit and am very happy.
On the throttle handle I set up flaps, trim, gear and reverse thrust. At the base is spoiler and HUD.
On the flight stick is brake, Auto pilot, next camera, previous camera.For the hat switch i chose ATC window.

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Did you assign anything for the button on the back of the throttle? I can only see it working really for rudder, and I’ve already got rudder set to when I turn the stick…

I use it for rudder/yaw and use the L-end wrench provided to tighten the flight stick and not use rudder there for better contol.
This means the red indicator light should be on.

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Here is the link for the diagram above:

BTW, my configuration is based on using Live Flight Connect on my PC, with the Thrustmaster attached to PC.
Based on your diagram, here is my set up, which is slightly different than the above diagram, and I will explain why at the end.
Also, item “1” on the diagram will show as Button “0” on IF Commands when selected, Button “2” as “1”, etc, because IF counting apparently starts at “0”…

3-Previous Camera
4-Next Camera
5-Trim Up
6-Trim Down
7-Flap Down
8-Flap Up
9-Reverse Thrust
10-Landing Gear
12-HUD…This will allow you to clear the HUD display and/or map, for a “clean” look and bring them back.
Hat Switch- chose left/right motion for -“ATC”- This brings up the numbered choices for traffic calls (then use keyboard) to avoid touching tablet screen. Note: Live Flight Connect does not allow for Hat Switch to be used for “look-around” view, at least not on my system.
I put the trim on the right side of the handle because throttle and trim are key to a better landing working together without moving my hand or looking down.


I was thinking of getting this one(I ended up with Logitech 3D Pro)… and just wow - it really looks like a lot of buttons on that joystick!

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I have this joystick and I recommend just doing what you prefer. There isn’t a correct way of doing it.


I have to agree with what @ewanfleming said. Through testing on your own you can find what works and is most comfortable for you.


Thanks for your help everyone! I’ve found a comfortable setup. Mods please close this :)

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I have this joystick as well and I love it. Has anyone used a rudder pedal for their setup? I’ve been on the fence.

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