Thrustmaster Joystick

Does anyone know if this Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas 4 Ace Combat 7 Limited Edition PS4 / PC is IF compatible? All the topics that are on board are closed so I made another one asking about that specific model.

Before sending me I am aware of this article.

I have this model and it works very well.
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And I want to buy this
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Thrustmaster Joystick T-flight Hotas One - Xbox One / Pc
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Kindly someone knows I will be very happy to know.

Thank you for attention

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The branded joystick absolutely DOSENT work. Trust me I went through the whole “sh-bang”

But the regular T-Floght Hotas that DOSENT have XBOX or PS4 branding does work.

I use that joystick/ thrust combination now

@Murilo_Heindrich Send me a PM if you want more help!

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