Thrustmaster Hotas 4 - Setup help

Hey there!

I’ve recently just bought a Thrustmaster Hotas 4 as a suggestion for a good throttle/yoke

However, i’m having some issues setting it up. To a point where IF isnt connecting to it at all!

I have it plugged into my computer which is connected to my Ipad through liveflight connect. To no avail. IF is connecting to my keyboard, however the throttle & yoke just dont work. I’ve downloaded the drivers required for the Hotas 4 & restarted my computer. Still not working

Would anyone have a clue what might be going wrong? I’ve tried to reconfigure the buttons but liveflight just isnt connecting to the yoke

Any help is apreciated!

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Sounds like you updated the driver, which is good because that needs to be done so that your PC can read the the stick.

I would suggest going back to thrustmasters technical support page and also make sure you update the firmware for the flight stick. that might help.

also after you updated your drivers on your PC…when you go into your new thrust master file, is the PC itself seeing the stick inputs?

Also also… this sounds silly, but there is a PC/PS4 switch on the back of the Hotas 4. Make sure it is setup to PC mode, because that makes a difference too.

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