Thrustmaster Boeing TCA yoke and throttle

Hello @Jonas_Sundt-Bjordal, how are you? Have good news. I have Ipad for 2018 and I fly with joystick thrumaster and throtle of another brand and it works in the two options below.

Map connect

This option is very good because I’m his tester and I can tell you that it works perfectly so far. In this link everything is explained how to make it work with your Iphone or Ipad.

IF Raspberry pi

This is the one I use at the moment. This one takes a bit of work to install, but it’s well worth it. Basically, in this case, you will have to buy a Raspberry, then configure the linux operating system or you will have it already installed. After installing you will have to follow the instructions on the link, but in case you purchase and have difficulty. It will be a pleasure to help you.

This is my setup

This is from another one that also has a IF Raspberry

Concluding your doubts if the new thrustmaster Boeing TCA works. I believe so. If it has usb input I believe so, but it’s not sure.
But if it’s only for IF you can look for other cheaper models that will work perfectly. Now if you want to buy this in objective for pc and test it on the IF, go ahead. (only share if it worked)
Last detail may be that one or two buttons don’t work in the IF, but the basics work perfectly. Anything we can talk more for more details if you wanted to delve into the subject. Hope this helped and sorry for any wrong words. I asked for some help on google 😁.

Stay safe😷🙃!!!