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Hope everyone having a good day. I am doing a flight from DXB - YYZ in AC A333 with ~80% fuel. Imma at Cruise 34000ft and the problem I am having is that my thrust is way to high at 92 which ik is un usual and shows that It says I don’t enough fuel on me fsr, so what can I do to not have such high thrust, my cruise speed is 0.84 mach

I think It should be on #general

K done, General now

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Since you’re doing a long haul, you’re most likely going to be heavy therefore you should do step climbs. So you can for example start at FL300 and climb higher later on as you become lighter.

As for fuel, it might be showing as not enough but as you progress through the flight and burn some fuel, it should be enough (As long as you packed enough fuel for the flight of course).

BTW, the A330’s standard cruise speed is .82.

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Don’t worry you Will not run out of fuel it might be because of the Winds or how much the fuel

It overnight imma gonna sleep now I can’t do step climb, I descended to 32000ft, kinda helped

Ya, I am at 120 knots crosswind makes sense

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Like crossish headish wind

I need to get there asap too I have to go somewhere, I need to go like 0.88 mach, but I can’t unfortunately

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So, lemme try understand, I will make it to Toronto the thrust thing I’d only the wind for now

And by the time I decend I may have very little fuel, hopefully enough to make an emergency landing, so I may get to land first yay. But probably I’ll be fine, as wind went a bit up fuel remaining went down, so when wind hopefully goes down I’ll be good

On a flight like that, you need roughly 13-15 hrs of fuel, maybe 17-19 to support your desired 0.88 cruise speed and yes, like someone else said you need to step climb, for example climb to 3000ft un restricted then slowly climb to 18-24k ft, then slowly climb again to a cruising alt of FL320 then continue onto your destination. and 92 N1 is normal for an A330 knowing that its an underpowered aircraft


K then I am doomed lol, rn it’s continued changing, first 12h 10m, 11h 30m, than like 12h 30m, then it’ll go up to maybe 13h or 14h possibly etc

I think I’ll be fine for now, I’ll go to bed now as I am tired, I’ll wake up to see if I may need to divert to a nearby airport or I am fine

Thats normal, you’ll make it

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Yep, thx for helping

Also lesson learned, whenever u fly A333 always take off with a full tank lmao, that’ll probably help

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Hi @shayaanahmed247!

Please have a look at my reply below. What you’re seeing is normal.

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