Thrust Stuck after replay on Solo

Happens only on solo after selecting “Live” at a point in mid take off. When doing such the thrust gets stuck at the power setting you were at in the replay. You can move the thrust bar up and down and use reverse thrust but power is still added negating the use of thrust reverse. Once the thrust bar is moved up or down and then released the bar jumps back to the same thrust value. For example, when using thrust during the replay at 74% the thrust, regardless of new inputs, sticks at 74% when the thrust bar is not being manually controlled. AP cannot override the input.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7
OS: Android 7.0
IF Version: 13.13.0
Modifications: IFA Beta for Android


It is perfectly normal. It acctually happens all the time. I could be wrong though. Its actually a bug. Probably fixed with Global.

This is related to the replay button bug I believe.

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This always happens to me I’m on an iPhone 5s though.

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I agree with Chris, it is most likely that it’s related to the replay bug which should be fixed in the next update :)

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@USA007 did you make sure that you double tapped the AP button?

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Double tapped the AP yes. All other buttons would work. Having recreated it the thrust reverse would work if at 100% thrust and breaks on and you could get the speed down to 40kts but being in the 772 the brakes would not work further once at 74% thrust. This was done when the flight was being done fully manual and at not point in the session was AP on except for the attempted troubleshoot.

Seems as though the replay button feature is the underlying cause.

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Not everything is fixed in global 😂, this probably won’t

With the attention of a moderator it Might. For example:

This will be fixed with Global. Thanks to Mark. This might be fixed. Lets hope it gets fixed.

That’s cool. Thanks :)

May I ask, what’s IFA Beta?

In-Flight Assistant

Oh ok. At first, I thought that had to do something with Global. Well apparently, I was wrong :P

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Well ehh, this is what happens when you get android ;) jk. Try some simple troubleshooting over and over and hopefully it’ll work

Ok. I just tried it. It is inevitable. Lets just say don’t use the replay while reversing thrust. Best to do is continue after the thrust reverse. Although this does help with some cool things for example: Takeoff backwards.

I hope this clears things up.