Thrust reverse button

Years ago, Infinite Flight had a button to engage thrust reverse instead of the ‘slide down’ area we have today. Although the old system would always engage full thrust reverse, it at least made it easy to get a stable amount of thrust reverse.

This request is a slightly more advanced version of that system. I’m requesting a button that switches the throttle to a ‘reverse thrust’ mode. Instead of having to slide down and finding the correct amount of thrust, you would have the full throttle length available to easily select the amount of reverse thrust required.

Why is this needed?
This way, when landing, the player wouldn’t have to find the appropriate amount of reverse thrust within the few millimeters of the current ‘reverse thrust area’ on the throttle. With the current system, it’s quite hard to engage reverse without immediately going to 70-80% n1, especially when still focussing on putting all gears down on the runway or dealing with crosswind. This can be a little frustrating when only a small amount or even just idle reverse thrust is needed.

A button that switches the throttle to reverse thrust mode. The whole throttle is available to precisely select the needed amount of reverse thrust.

Concept of how this could look in the sim:

The lettering on the button could be grey when reverse isn’t available.

I like the idea, but I just see it as something that’ll make flying more complicated. During landing, you’re more than likely using both thumbs to control throttle, talk to ATC, and control rudder inputs. Needing to press a button just to turn on reverse throttle then have to manually adjust the throttle setting, then change it back when taxiing off the runway adds to the complexity to just land.

The landing phase is the hardest of a flight, with things coming back2back at you. Right now, it’s somewhat easy to land as everything is set up to be done in one fluid motion, from sliding the throttle and rudder, to holding down the ATC button to reply rather than going into the actual menu.


That’s actually why this would be easier. You turn on your reverse and your thumb is free for some time to do these other tasks. Right now you need to keep your thumb down on the reverse button, making it impossible to for example talk to atc while reverse is engaged.

Especially on phones you can’t do both at the same time because of their proximity to eachother.

There should be no need to talk to ATC once your wheels are down. The only time after touchdown that ATC talks to you is when you’re slow enough to reply back safely, but we’re also patient enough that you won’t get in trouble if you don’t reply to an exit command, for example as we know you’re busy trying to maintain your aircraft and toggling systems.

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Wouldn’t need to be talking to ATC anyways, as well as you can easily reply to ATC by holding the button down when it’s safe to do so after slowing down.

Atc was just an example. The main issue with the current system is that you can’t really be precise with the amount of reverse thrust you want to use. Idle reverse is pretty much impossible for example.

Not 100% sure why anyone would need to be idle reverse in the simulator, nor need that level of precision. You’re either decelerating using the most if not maxing out the reverse thrust or not using reverse thrust, as it cuts out after you slow down enough anyways.

Yeah but that’s not always realistic. Runway 18R on Schiphol for example only has exits near the end. Most aircraft only use idle reverse thrust when landing there. Have had landings there where the aircraft rolled to the end of the runway with reversers idle unting exiting.

The second reply on this thread gives a good explenation of how it works in real life:

Idle reverse and idle thrust are two different things, please fact check before making a comment like that c: