Thrust of Boeing 777 variants

Hello pilots, what’s up?

What is the maximum %N1 thrust of the following variants on real life?

•Boeing 772
•Boeing 77L
•Boeing 77W


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There is no maximum, but I wouldn’t recommend going above 100% N1

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Well most pilots will go slightly above the N1 IRL, just to gain speed faster. The engines are built to stand going above N1 but not for hours on end. A few minutes never hurts.

Check this out, i believe doing takeoff its “Max” is 109.0. Check out page 8 or 9 should be something in those documents i found with a simple search

If it’s all wrong send me a pm and i’ll remove my post or look for something more “Accurate”

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GE90… Isn’t that only the 77W variant

They have every engine type on there i thought i read, Could be wrong, i’ll do some extra research. The 772 has two engine types a GE and Rolls Royce. So to find exact numbers will be annoying…

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777-200/ER has three actually, the GE90, RR Trent 800, and the PW4000.


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