Thrust level in cruise

I’m currently operating a flight from LHR to JFK using a British Airways DC-10; I have noticed that I have to set the thrust level to 91% to maintain a constant speed and altitude. This is the same as the takeoff thrust I used. Why is this?


Are you too heavy?


There are 2 contributing factors that could affect this;

  • Cruising altitude
  • Weight

Have you step-climbed to your altitude that you’re currently at?


It could also be due to winds


Note that as time goes, you’ll be lighter and possibly also be supported by tailwinds.

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I’m cruising at FL350 and I’m not overweight.

hes flying against the jetstream, so at most the headwinds may weaken, unless he takes the route quite far south

You’re flying towards prevailing easterly winds. These are very strong and are very fast. Don’t be surprised if that happens on all westerly flights.

Also what speed are you doing?

That was my first thought, hes flying east to west so theres probably a heafty head wind

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