Thrust climb a350

when i put the thrust climb on the a350 the plane loses attitude and speed.
is this normal?
because A350 pilots in real life do it and it works.


Yes but they pitch down to around 5’ and normally climb at ~1000fpm or even less to accelerate to 250kts then pitch back up when at 250kts

I think he has a problem with the thrust climb on the A350.
the aircraft continued to lose speed and altitude.
the thrust climb is 49%.

Ideally climb at 310-320 knts at a rate of 1800fpm (after 10,000ft) to ensure a safe climb. Always stel climb when possible.

if i understand correctly, i put the thrust climb after 10,000 ft?

Thrust climb should be engaged at thrust reduction/acceleration height-usually between 1000’ and 1500’ AGL.

initial up to V2+15 between 1000 - 1500AGL (dependant on noise abatement) reduce takeoff power by 2-3% N1 for a sustainable thrust climb.

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