Throwback: When Australia's flagship launched the A380

2008: Infinite Flight was still 3 years away, High School Musical 3 was just coming out and most importantly, the largest commercial jet ever to grace our skies was launched. The A380 back then was mind-blowingly awesome, it had two decks stretching along the entire length of the aircraft, 4 massive engines and kinda looked like a fat 747. Down here in the world that apparently doesn’t exist according to some people, our skies were filled with A340’s and 747’s while I was astounded by this revolutionary feature called “seatback in-flight entertainment” while cruising on a Virgin Blue 737-700, it truly was a simpler and, to be honest, better time.

Qantas launched it’s A380 in that year, to much excitement, it offered a new level of comfort and provided guests with the latest and greatest technology. It was a new era in international travel, it was simply the best aircraft and was this big bird that traveled big distances that passengers. And for anyone who knows Australia, this was a big deal, we are forced to travel long distances to get anywhere besides Bali, LA is 13hrs away, Dubai is 12 while New York and London are both 24hr marathons. Anyway, Qantas released a series of commercials to advertise their new super-jumbo and on the 10th anniversary, I thought I might share them with you. Enjoy!

Qantas’s A380 over Sydney full photo credit


I absolutely love the second video


Gotta agree with you. It is such a meaningful song.

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