[Throwback Week] ATC Schedule • 15-21 Oct 18


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This is why I try to tell pilots to expect a runway that’s long enough to make sense! Controllers aren’t gonna make you taxi halfway around the field of there isn’t a good reason. But if you request a different runway again, so be it ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Just goes to show the importance of good flight planning. Thanks for admitting your mistake so that others may learn, and thank you for coming by :)


Yall know whats up tomorrow, KMSP!
I’m going to try and run it for at least 12 hours straight, might be the only chance I get on my hometown

I’m going to come aswell, are you gonna be on TS1 or Expert?

I would assume Expert, as this is the Expert ATC Schedule 🤔


Don’t assume, the ATC Education Group follows the ATC Schedule on the training server. Check it out!


I control on expert, opening within the hour

I’ll arrive in 50 minutes I’ll be DAL 120

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Good luck on KMSP, you did a nice job, although I laughed pretty hard when that Northwest requesting crossing when he was rolling, Lol.

Guys, Seriously GREAT job!

Can someone open kmem on expert for about 15 or 30 minutes so I can do some patternwork at my home(international) airport. My home is kmkl that I’m waiting to be finished.

Anybody who is ATC know where they will be open tomorrow ? I am planning to do Night Lang haul from SFO to somewhere but generally prefer ATC at my destination.

Take a look at this thread. All the airports listed are likely to be fully staffed.

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Oh sorry, I meant Saturday as it is ATC choice, I had already read the FNF page but just mixed up tomorrow and Saturday.

Global Flyer1

It looks like Texas and Central America will be open on Saturday, so I’d expect KIAH, KDFW and MMMX to be opened for heavy portions of the day.

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This only on expert right?

Yeah,the weekly ATC schedule is only for the Expert Servers. FNF is on all servers.

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Why is there no atc at jfk atm ?

There are currently no controllers willing to take it. Mostly because KLAX is the current focus point.

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Ah ok that’s disappointing :(