Throwback Thursday - Narita To Kai Tak, Cathay 747!

Throwback Thursday featuring Kai Tak, my home’s former airport? Oh yes! Time to fly my favourite basically all widebodies are my favourite though aircraft, the iconic one that made up the Kai Tak Checkerboard Approach - The Cathay Pacific 747. Enjoy these on my flight from Narita!
Spawning in next to a JAL 787
Takeoff from 16R
Stunning scenery out the window - Mount Fuji!

Approaching Kai Tak

Touchdown! Admittedly quite bumpy but oh well…

The passenger POV, 747s galore!

I’ve just landed, but another flight is always beginning…

Parking in for the night…silently wishing Cathay still flew the 747…


Lol. Take your time 👍🏻😉


Best title iv’e seen yet 😏


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the best post on this forum

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Whoops, the photos are there now. Looks like everyone enjoyed the technical hitch though.

and everyone else who didn’t see it will be so confused.🤷‍♂️

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