Throwback Thursday (ft. @Anshul28)

Throwback Thursday

Whats good IFC!

Today I would like to share my first collaboration project with @Anshul28 who is a fellow photographer on the IFC.

We spent a solid week taking photos and editing them, so we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed making them!

Beautiful shot of a tin can over New York

Imagine waking up to this view outside your window!

KLM MD-11 Blasting out of a foggy Amsterdam

Air Canada Retro Livery! 😍😍 (Ignore the plane choice)

The Queen of the Skies 👑👑👑

Memphis Madness!

Etihad A340 turning as the sun rises

Battleship Grey on final at SFO! (Sorry if I blinded you again)

Overhead shot of a Qantas 747 taxiing

Yet another 747 above the Italian Alps

Thanks for looking!


Nice tin can 😂. What is the contents inside this tin can?

Great photos, though!

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People, bags and a lot of fuel lol.

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Dang sounds flavorful I’m starving 😂.

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T’was a great collab! 🙌🏽


Yeah, definitely fun working with ya!

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NIce pics! are these your plane pics or random peoples?

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Ours of course.

ohh ok:) nice landings and takeoffs

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