Throwback Spotting Session! @ DFW | 02.27.21-03.11.21

Hey There Everyone!

My name is Brody, previously known as NorthernSkyy, and I am super excited to make a return to the IFC and release some of my most recent shots! I missed being able to share captures and hope you all enjoy this compilation!


These shots were taken at DFW airport between February 27 and March 11 of last year, so a little bit of a throwback, but I thought I would still share them with you all!


Canon Rebel T5i
Canon 55-250mm

Here’s a UPS 747 taxiing to the runway after loading up!

Here’s an AA A321 gliding onto the runway during a cloudy sunset!

Here’s another AA A321, with some edits to show off the beautiful blue sky + weather!

Here’s yet another AA A321 with some beautiful clouds to highlight the aircraft!

And finally, a Qatar A350 coming from Doha! Always a fun catch!

Thanks for viewing my shots everyone, I appreciate! Leave any comment/feedback down below, and i’ll catch you next time for another spotting session! Cya!



Great catches! I especially love this shot a lot!


Appreciate it!

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Honestly can’t pick a favourite, they’re all amazing…

Amazing work!

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Awesome photos!

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Thanks so much!

Thank you!


KDFW be like

Awesome pictures from my home airport! 🔥

Wow! These are amazing shots!

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I much like!!

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Thanks so much, DFW truly is a good one!

Thank you thank you!

Appreciate it!


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