Throwback Photos (Share your throwback photos)

These are photos I uploaded to Instagram a long time ago when I first got this app.

First Screenshot I took

This is when they added the 737 BBJ

This is my first flight with the 737 BBJ

This is when you could glitch the airplanes onto the water and attempt water landings.

This is a successful water landing

This photo was when you did not need a ground speed of over 40kts to use reverse thrust, I would get the planes to take off backwards then crash.

I have had this app for such a long time, I am still waiting for the globe master to get animated parts. I have not given up hope on that aircraft just yet.

Please use the #screenshots-and-videos as needed. We are trying to limit the number of never ending topics where people just dump photos as this fills up storage and makes it hard to discuss.