Throwback Friday w/Alaska096 - Alaska Dash 8 KLAX to KSFO Flightlapse

Hey guys!

This is a nice throwback to the early days of my channel. This is one of the first Flightlapses that I made.

The server was Solo, it was flown with the magnificent Dash 8, and I’ve definitely got better with my work!



Nice to see this old video, you’ve come such a long way, continue forward.
Best regards, Anthony

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Thank you :)

That’s the response I wanted to hear 😊

Also you shouldn’t be looking for a specific response because there are different people in the world with different reviews and there are going to be conflicts


That’s okay. Kinda weird when it’s just an IF video, but thank you.


It’s awesome to see how far you’ve come in the field of videography and video editing. Trust me, my skills are nowhere near where some of you all are - basic iMovie editing on the iPad…

Thanks for sharing, cannot wait to see what else you have in store.

Thank you! :)

Alright. Irrelevant replies and flags all have been deleted and dealt with. Nothing in the #screenshots-and-videos category descriptions says you can’t post videos from a year ago.

@Etrain Realize that the forum doesn’t evolve around just you. If you don’t appreciate what he’s doing, why comment. Warnings will start being issued. Everyone needs to chill, quit targeting users and move on. It won’t be tolerated.


I just watched this and honestly idk what the fuss is it’s not bad and probably better than what I could do.
In saying that I would probably cut the music for takeoff and landing so you could hear the engines I know the engine sounds in if aren’t great but they aren’t the worst but that’s it.
I also haven’t seen some of your new videos Alaska but I might watch a few

Thank you :)

Yeah, recently, I’ve added real engine sounds. Amazing what I’ve learned, really.


The intro was enough to make me think “wow, this guy is a professional at video editing” and then the rest of the video started and the thought only started sinking in more. The single view the majority of the flight made me feel like a passenger. I also love the way you showcased the engine startup made the turboprops on the Dash 8 stand out. Great video, keep up the good work, which you have, considering I’m saying that about a year old video and your new videos are equally as good, if not better, with better quality!

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That’s a brilliant idea adding real engine sounds

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Wow. Thank you!

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Enjoyed the video. Eerily reminds me of this view. Wonder why… 🤔

Nice propeller blade ya got there 😂

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