Through the runway

I Was landing at KIAH Runway 33R in a volaris A319 on APPR when, well I simply went through the runway. I don’t have any pictures but I landed and then I started descending into the ground fastly and before you know it, I was -3000 ft underground!
System - ipad mini 2 IOS11.1

I believe this is a known issue with a corrupt terrain file or an issue with the scenery not fully loading when you spawn. A reinstall should fix it for now!

It’s definitely not the scenery

No, it works fine - the corrupt file could be anywhere, but there have been similar issues at different airports before. Let me know if a reinstall helps! Try searching as well, there are several topics about this too.

What do you mean?

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I haven’t seen anything like this before

Yes, I know. Just try a reinstall!

I was flying from MMMX and the scenery was fine when loading up

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Alright I will do that

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thank you for the advice

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