Through the Alps to the dunes (LPBJ - OMRK)!


This is my first topic on this category, so let’s just start, feedback is appreciated!

I set off in the dead of night from Beja Airport, not anticipating anything, just set my flight plan to be above land.

Then I counted north. As the sun was rising, I approached the east of the Italian Alps and the view was staggering!

Then, closing in on my eight hour flight, I flew over the Omani/Emirati dunes, descending into Ras Al Khaimah Airport.

I landed in pure smog, caught up in a moderate crosswind.

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Hello nice to see this!!!
Im an airport editor and i made this airport(LPBJ)! My biggest airport that i made! I hope you enjoyed beja airport!

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Nice! Good work, I love flying there!

Perhaps hope to see You one day!

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